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Lime plastering is very different to modern gypsum plastering and requires a unique traditional The dedicated masonry workshop lies at the heart of our Stonemasonry success; our masons are trained under the guidance of our Head Mason, who as a Historic Scotland Fellow ensures the highest of standards.  Owlsworth IJP undertakes all aspects of masonry including:


• Carving                                  • Restoration

• New Build                               • Stone Cleaning

• Marble & Granite work


Whilst a large proportion of our work is the design, carve and fixture of new projects, arguably the quality of our workmanship is best demonstrated by the conservation works we undertake.


This requires not only expertise in carving of stone, but also in specialist pinning and grouting techniques, plus the production of individual mortars to help not only restore but protect the fabric of the original.


Whilst we have many examples of this work, the most well known will be the work we have done to the Wren Wall which is part of the old boundary wall of the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford.








Stone Masonry





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